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Air bearing casters co ltd

air casters, air bearing rigging systems, machinery mover skates

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 We are the manufacturer of follow lifting tools: spring balancer, cargo trolley/roller skids, lifting jack, air bearing and casters, permanent magnetic lifter, manual hoist and so on material handling tools. 
We produce all kinds of material moving and handling tools, applied on factory relocated, heavy duty equipment moving, machinery mover works. 
Our company was established on the year of 1990. Professionally on following products: 
spring tools balancer from 1 kg to 400 kg. 
Cargo trolley/roller skids capacity from 3 tons to 1000 tons. 
Lifting Jack capacity from 2.5 tons to 100 tons, contains hydraulic jack, machnical jack, and so on. 
manual hoist contains:wire rope pulling hoist, chain block, lever hoist, travel plain and so on handling tools.
Permanent magnet lifter capacity from 30 kg to 10 tons, contains 30kg portable magnet lifter, Welder magnetic fixator,Automatic Permanent Magnet Lifter.
Air bearing and casters capacit... [Details]